Fun, creative, inspirational or intriguing…  We understand each business is unique and your reception area should reflect this.

Reception areas can be anything from sleek glossy lines to spaces which are homely, creative and inviting.  The design and materials gives the first impression of the business, each one is distinctive and unique.

Face Edge are experts in delivering your design, we have manufactured reception areas for business both large and small.  From large desks incorporating latest technology and upholstered seating arrangements to a simple yet stunning desk for those on a smaller budget.

Our in-house Corian and LG-High Macs specialists are experts in producing stunning solid surface creations which incorporate lighting, screens, or IPad.

We have manufactured desks from an endless list of materials – glass, wood, stone, laminate or metal.  Our expertise and pride in getting the detail and quality right delivers you a fantastic looking reception.

Call us on 01237 424282 to find out what we can do for your reception.